Build complex assemblies in 3D.

Create animations and physics simulations.

Easy to learn and very user-friendly.

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Create and Connect multiple free products.

Use GitHub, Sketchfab, Hubs and Spoke FREE!

Publish your work directly to the web on a secure site.

All Features
Try interactive app now!

Build Dynamic Assemblies
using Library Models.

Comprehensive range of 3D models.

All Features


With the app being built around GitHub, you can be sure of the infrastructure, security and storage systems! Add in a Https site and open source systems that are free to use, but can be upgraded as your needs change, and you start to see why so many users are switching to cad-boxx.com!
3D Models and Design

We are 3D Designers.

All our models are created by professional 3D Designers with years of experience in 3D CAD & Engineering Design. Location and positioning features are built into the models to make building assemblies really easy.

  • Watertight GLB Models
  • Mechanical Properties
  • High-Quality Textured Solids
Dynamic Joints

We use our new system of joints.

By combining engineering thinking and the capabilities of the software code, we have developed a set of dynamic joints that can be assembled like CAD parts.

  • Free Spinning bearing joints
  • Linear Sliding and Hinge Joints
  • Universal Joints and much more
Moving Assemblies

The Application builds fully constrained assemblies.

We use the latest technologies to define the constraints
which connect the 3D models.
Their range of motion is fully controlled.

Pricing Plan

Simple & transparent pricing plan for everyone.

All-in pricing so you know exactly where you stand.

€0 FREEper month (special offer)

€0 FREEper year (special offer)

  • Unlimited FREE Use
  • Fully featured
  • Range of free models
  • Free Support
  • No Downloads

€15per month

€100per year (save €80)

  • 12 Month Usage
  • Lifetime Updates
  • cadboxx all-in License
  • Free Support
  • Unlimited Downloads

€100per month


  • Seller´s License
  • 50% Commission
  • Full training
  • Free Support
  • Weekly Pay

Questions & Answers

There is not just one "single great thing" about cadboxx, there are many things and they compliment each other well. The joint system idea is so simple, and super effective. It saves so much time, amazing! And I love the way they have created generic parts where the important dimensions measure "one" so that when you put them into a design scheme, they are easily scaleable. The networked models, the positioning system, the downloads, animation, constraints, simulation....

Yes, absolutely! There are no expensive convertors used here. Just save the model you want to work on as an STL file and drop it into the integrated viewer, then export it as a binary GLTF (GLB) file and you are ready to start.

cad-boxx is built around the GLB file type, which is the binary version of the GLTF format. This file-type is the cause of much excitement in the gaming sector because of its features and the amount of data which can be stored within it. GLB´s are solid models that can carry their own animations.

It can be used in so many ways, but it was developed to add animation and simulation to any CAD system without those features, and to challenge those with them. It compliments all CAD & modelling software.

Yes they can, in fact they work well together. For instance, a spur gear rotating at a constant speed may be animated, yet actually drive a connected gear train which is constrained to rotate freely about its´centre.

Yes, The platform runs on all devices. Some functionality is hardware-dependent. A desktop system with VR headset and controllers gets everything, with a touch-screen tablet being close.

For sure! Create a free account and you can usethe interactive demo to see how it works.

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