Create Dynamic Simulations and Animatons of sets of 3D Models connected by physics constraints.
Build Assemblies much faster. Work with files created by any 3D System
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Study and Optimize mechanisms in Virtual-Reality
Record and Play-back motion. Collision-detection
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Snap-together Model Assembly with Constraints.
It is the easiest system to learn on the market.
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about cadboxx

The simplest ideas are the best

The cadboxx is a 3D environment and workspace with a focus on building mechanical assemblies. It is not a CAD system, yet can produce 3D Models for both CAD Systems and the latest 3D Games. Users can edit, create, import and position Models, then connect them using dynamic joints to define their relative motion. Simulations, Animations, interactivity, high quality models and unlimited downloads are just part of a very special service.

A CADBOXX can be used not only as a physics workspace, but can also create and export dynamic mechanical assemblies of 3D solid models. Run Simulations and record Animations, then view the results on our player or upload to YouTube. Publish and share your creations on Hubs.

The system presented here was developed by a Mechanical Design Engineer who has worked on many cad systems and understands how you work.

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Our services

We design and create our own models, but we do it in a way that means the components assemble as easy as possible. Every model in our range can be used "as-is" or edited / momdified to suit a particular design.

3D Models

Sketchfab hosts millions of models and a selection are free. Designers can quickly build scenes that include a mix of "scene props" and their own custom geometry to suit their needs. provides an effective method of creating dynamic joints connecting mechanical parts so that their relative motion is controlled by the degrees of freedom in the joints.

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Dynamic Joints

We have created a system of joints which contain controls over the degrees of freedom of the joint itself. Users can easily adjust the joimts´ properties or change the type of joint with a couple of clicks. The joints themselves are 3D Models with fully adjustable constraints and mechanical properties.

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Assembly Process

We have developed a system that is quicker than anything else currently available, and we are confident tha once you try it you will never go back to the way things were. This is the way assemblies should be created! It achieves much quicker results and is moore flexible in terms of making adjustments to a product as it is being developed.

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Projects gallery

Our projects range from Mechanical Engineering to Application Development and we bring them together in our own unique style, appling theory of mechanics through the code and the way we write and construct it.

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